Friday, June 10, 2011

What A Peach

Tis the season for wonderful, juicy berries and sweet peaches!! I am lucky enough that my aunt and uncle have made it a hobby to "go pickin" every weekend. And, they are so generous to share all of their sweet goodies! Originally, I had planned to make preserves. Even thinking about making them made me feel oh so Southern. Then, after thinking about it some more, I thought about how, even though I love preserves, I don't really eat them on a regular basis. I do, however, enjoy a cocktail. See where this is going?? Fruit infused drinks. Yum. These will be delish when they are done. The hardest part will be waiting. They need at least a week so infuse. The longer you let them sit, the better it gets. Here's to waiting!!

The Goods :

Strawberry Vodka
Blueberry Vodka
Peachy Bourbon
Mango Jalapeno Tequilla

Recipe :

Clean your mason jars with soapy warm water.
Rinse and prepare your fruit.
Peel & cut your peaches
Cut your strawberries
Peel & cut mango's
Slice jalapeno's
For the blueberries, I like to smash them up a bit.

Fill your jar with selected fruit/berry.
Then, fill with liquor of choice.
Close tightly and store in a cool, dark place.

Wait AT LEAST one week. Make sure you give your jar a little love everyday and shake it. When you've waited as long as you possibly can. Strain your beverage. You can serve over ice or add a little sparkling water or tonic. Enjoy :)

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